The Colli Orientali del Friuli, where friable crumbly slopes have been tamed into beautifully terraced vineyards producing extraordinary wines.

La Luna Storta is nestled in the hamlet of Gagliano, 
just outside Cividale del Friuli to the south: 
A handful of hectares of 'ponca' soil – as it is locally called.

A terroir, made of stratified marl and sandstone, rich in minerals, swept by the cold northern winds and mitigated by the breeze coming off the sea, which lends great structure and longevity to the wines.

From the top to the hill 
you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama.

From the terrace of the winery the stunning view stretches from the well-arranged rows of the vineyards to the lush fields of the plains and beyond, to the sea.

A jigsaw puzzle of vineyards and fields, 
and La Luna Storta is a piece of the wonderful picture.